Sunday, December 16, 2007

Birth Control to Reduce HIV in Africa

I don't know which to be more horrified about in this article entitled the 'Best-Kept Secret' for HIV-Free Africa:

- that researchers realize that birth control can have a great impact on reducing the number of children born with HIV in Africa, but they can't do anything about it, because of the PEPFAR's ban on distribution of contraceptives or family planning;

or the sentence where women are treated like a piece of property: "The man who, in accordance with local tradition, inherited her after her husband died refused to use condoms";

or the comments to the article that say that this is not 'our' (read 'America's') problem. As if we lived in a bubble.

It is a painful reminder of just how far we still have to go when it comes to basic human rights and mankind's inhumanity to man (and woman).


SabrinaW said...

Condoms may be even more effective at preventing HIV transmission than previously thought:

Scientific American reports that semen may have a factor that promotes HIV infection of cells.

Unknown said...

This never-ending perpetuation of the most ridiculous and abhorent attitudes towards women lead me to question the true meanign of the term "evolution". Human lives are being sacrificed because of this idiocy.