Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is Evolutionary Theology the 'middle path'?

Wired's Brandon Keim is writing a few stories about the intelligent design vs evolutionary theory debate and how latest showdown on this will take place in Florida, where opposition is mounting to state -mandated emphasis on the importance of evolution to science education:
" Jesus, meet Darwin...In the aftermath of a Texas education official's dismissal for promoting evolution, I spoke yesterday to Michael Dowd, a leading proponent of evolutionary theology...'Evolutionary theology offers a third way. Rightly understood, evolution is as sacred and meaningful as any of the creation myths,' said Dowd, who quoted biology titan E.O. Wilson, sometimes called Darwin's heir: 'The evolutionary epic is probably the best myth we'll ever have.'"

I love what E. O. Wilson has to say about this in his TED video:

It gives me hope that we can transcend the petty 'culture wars' and find a new way to respect all our biosphere and all living beings.

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