Monday, December 10, 2007

spray on condoms

Do you ever find yourself watching a television show, or movie, and having to hit pause to Google something you saw, because you just can't quite believe it? In this particular instance, I'm catching up on episodes of CSI: NY, and in the first episode of season four, they begin talking about (and demonstrating) spray on condoms.

"No way!" I thought, sure that this was something I could laugh off as improbable. Liquid latex in a spray can, spray application, 5 second drying time? Pause, Firefox, Google. See! Complete fict- what? Real? Oh. ...oh?

It would seem I slept through this particular bit of 2006 science innovation.

In reality, it's not necessarily what CSI: NY showed; it's more of a slide on device that coats the penis evenly with spray nozzles (most news coverage refers to it as "car wash like", a description I'm just going to leave alone) that a latex condom version of hairspray, and marketing is targeted towards a custom fit that will help prevent slippage and breaking.

You can watch a video clip showing the prototype, how the latex dries, and a short interview at this link, but please be aware that the link is not necessarily safe for work, and contains references to other videos and stories of sexual activity that certainly runs the risk of offending.

Of course, assuming this makes it to market (some time in 2008, according to the manufacturing company), you've got to wonder if anyone would really use it. And is it actually a better "fit"? Is the lack of reservoir tip going to create problems? How is it different from liquid latex? What safety mechanisms are built in to ensure that it's an even coat, and not patchy, thin, or missing a spot here and there? Is it cost effective?

I can certainly see having a can of aerosolized liquid latex being fun - I'm the type of person who would promptly run around and try coating everything I could with it, just to see what would happen (especially if it could at all be used in practical jokes, like covering someone's sandwich unnoticed), but I'm having a hard time seeing its actual benefit for protection during sexual activity. It seems like it would be a type of bragging ("oh, I can't wear regular condom sizes...") or a gadget-y purpose of (in)conspicuous consumption.



Anonymous said...

I would actually buy it, at least once -- probably for the same reason I have a NuvaRing in right now... whee novelty!

Also, I would totally use it to spray random body parts... spray-on latex socks, anyone?

LB said...

I want spray-on bikinis, like in Futurama. said...

Would it work to coat the "non-covered" portions? That could be useful.

I never trusted the "gloves in a tube" that were marketed to doctors a few years ago.

Maybe if everything were a solid bright color so I could see where there were gaps.

Kelly Hills said...

Huh... now that IS an interesting question. The way I understand it working now, it only covers the penis itself. However, if they actually moved to a version similar to what was shown on CSI: NY, it would be incredibly useful for covering the testicles. Likewise, I wonder if women could use it as a skin guard on their labia.

Protecting yourself from shedding viral particles that are outside the immediate range of coverage of a traditional condom - now that is an interesting idea!

Anonymous said...

good question, I actually did not think about that yet. However, I arranged a interview over at my blog, where you can ask the inventor whatever you like!

hope you'll find this useful! :)

SabrinaW said...

I vote for this as the "best bioethical gag gift" of the year. There is simply too much fun to be had with this!

Anonymous said...

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