Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Running for the shelter of the Mother's Professor's little helper

In this week's issue of Nature, Cambridge University neuroscientists Barbara Sahakian and Sharon Morein-Zamir have penned a commentary entitled "Professor's little helper," which explores, how cognitive-enhancing drugs (like Nootropics and Provigil) are starting to find their way not only the pharmacopoeia that students have relied on at university campuses, but into the lifestyles of medical professionals and academics, which raises some ethical eyebrows.

Has academia become that much of rat race? -- one phrase sums it up: Impact Factor Scores,
Read it and weep. As one modern day philosopher said, "What drag it is getting old."
Rest of the commentary here.

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SabrinaW said...

Wow. I didn't realize that academic journals have their own Googlability. And that the metric has been corrupted into such a strong motivation.