Friday, December 14, 2007

The Real Science Behind Fertility

You are what you eat...and so apparently is your ability to become fertile. That's according to a recent study done by Harvard doctors, whose findings suggest an apparent connection between women's diets and fertility.

Published last month in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, the study found a growing body of evidence linking diets to hormone levels particularly insulin, which impacts fertility.

This Los Angeles Times article details the study's findings and recommendations.


Bea said...

It should be noted that infertility is a symptom of a range of different medical conditions, and the majority of infertile couples will not find this study changes anything for them.


wreese said...

Agreed. As with all studies, the information harvested is based upon the results of information and study of a select group of participants, variables and factors. One study cannot be the barometer for every set of circumstances in a situation, and fertility--or infertility--is a highly-complex issue based on myriad circumstances and elements. No one couple typifies it.

However, because so many factors come into play, it is good to have dialog and be open-minded to the many ranges of possible influences that exist in this, just as in any other medical condition.

Good health and lifestyle habits while not the direct cause or treatment of many conditions, always has an impact on that condition, regardless.