Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Perfect Spouse

We had an earlier post about Sex and Marriage with Robots, the AJOB blog has followed up on the theme and Hollywood dreamed this all up in The Stepford Wives long before scholars were writing about the possibility. But for the first time, that I can think of, that someone (namely Wired's Regina Lynn) has named a top 10 reasons list to marry a robot -- here are just a few of the reasons she gave:

- Artificial intelligence is still intelligence.

- Robots have off switches.

A robot is forever -- at least until the warranty runs out.

I could think of few other reasons -- like, no complaints about who does the housework -- after all, doesn't the perfect robot spouse dust, vacuum, and do laundry while you're off at work all day, and then greets you at home with a healthy, gourmet dinner? Or balances your checking account without criticizing your spending habits? Or is never too tired at night to tango? The list could be quite lengthy...

Good for a chuckle -- you can access the rest of Regina's article here.

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