Thursday, December 13, 2007

Surviving Pioneer: Facing the Future with Courage

It is never easy being the "first". We've all experienced the gripping fear and paralysis that comes with deciding to cross the boundaries that lead us into the unknown. Yet we take the step--because it is worse not knowing what could have been. Especially when we know how dramatically life-changing taking that step could be.

When Isabelle Dinoire lost half her face in a horribly tragic dog mauling two-years ago, there were many who felt she was sentenced to a life of permanent disfigurement. When her landmark face-transplant surgery was later announced by French doctors, the list of detractors and naysayers was lengthy.

But no one can deny the surprising success of the procedure, the skill of her surgical team--nor her amazing courage for taking that first step into the unknown, and making medical history.

This article from the Washington Post traces the many challenges...and setbacks she faced, in choosing to undergo one of the most remarkable experimental therapies of our time.

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